11 olive serendipity

11 original martini sketch given to the artist in 1977 by bernard schoenbaum a new yorker magazine cartoonist

12 first bar napkin ever drawn was from memory at hard rock cafe of the schoenbaum sketch of wall st martini sculpture-pilot razor point on bevnap 1985

13 frst crocodile drawn at the hard rock cafe was inspired by elton johns crocodile rock 1985

14 examples of early drawings done on cocktail napkins between the years of 1985 and 1987

15  Liberty martini napkin drawn at Hard Rock Cafe 1986  leading to the artist designing 1st Hard Rock Cafe commemorative t-shirt.jpg

16 first commemorative hard rock cafe shirt of statue of liberty guitar and new york city in a martini glass over 10000 shirts sold during the week of july 4th 1986

17 napkin in 1987 depicting one of the first olive ny logos with croc and new york city drawn at Hard Rock bar on bevnap with a pilot pen

17a 1993 croc in coffee cup floating down the hudson river

18 absolut on the crocs 48 x 48 dayglow acrylic on canvas 1993

19 vla 25th yr bookcover

20 kenyon and kenyon vla group with artist 1994 photo by timothy greenfield-sanders

20a croc as symbol black pilot razor point pen, marker 5 x 5 bevnap

21 1995 the martini by chronicle books found to contain the final printed version of the sketch given to the artist in 1977

22 bernard schoenbaum drawing in martini book

23 kenyon and kenyon represents the artist for trademark and copyright issues with crocodile and olive design collections-offices at no 1 broadway nyc

24 olive ny logo 1998

26 olive newport hotel viking 1997 t-shirt

27 olive the breakers pastel study for newport on the crocs

28 olive the breakers 48 x 48 dayglow acrylic on canvas 1999

29 newport on the crocs 1999 pastel of george washington and comte de rochambeau meet to design an elaborate plan to attack gen cornwallis in virginia 1780

29a elton john autograph on croc napkin a sketch for original painting that he owns

31 book of new york firsts martini

32 history of the martini from the book of new york  firsts which states first martini was at no 1 broadway which is the same location as the offices of kenyon and kenyon

33 olive them

34 Olive crocs drink

35 olive crocs in nyc

36 Olive the last one

37 Olives to go

38 Olive painting

39 Olive the sharks

41 Olive Pirates!

42 Crocs Martini

43 Olive bar tricks

44 I think Olive U

45 Olive goldfish